BrianPack Srl
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  • Handles for Eco-Friendly Solutions
    Natural biodegradable cotton handles, which do not pollute the environment and respect nature.
  • Handles for Boxes
    In paper, polypropylene or fabric; they are all completely customisable and available in various sizes and colours
  • Ideas, Innovation, Creativity
    Every day Brian Pack handles offer creative, innovative solutions which are reliable at the same time.

About us


The company
Brian Pack was established in 1988 from the industrial idea of Alberto La Scala. The continuous technological research and expansion towards foreign markets culminated in 2001 with the change of the company's name to "Brian Pack International s.r.l.".

The entrance of highly qualified technicians and a large increase in capital in that year, make it possible to offer customers a wide range of technically and ecologically competitive products.

As of today, "Brian Pack International s.r.l." is among the top companies in the sector regarding the production of paper and plastic handles for folding or corrugated cardboard boxes.

Furthermore, the mechanical dept. for the construction of mechanical, electronic or numerical control machines for fold-glue handle application is in continuous expansion.

Brian Pack boasts years of experience in handles' production: passion, character and culture are the mark of identity. Technology and organization are the tools to be counted on. Growth and development are essential choices for maintaining quality standards high in printing paper products. From the first contact to the delivery of the end product, the control of the entire production cycle is the key to the quality of the results.

The relentless pursuit for new materials and the optimisation of quality reflect the DNA of a company that continues to invest in new technologies. The commitment to the development and improvement of the skills of our specialized staff through continuous updating systems, allows us to reach an increasingly higher level of quality.

The management of all production phases in a unique business environment ensures acceleration of the processes and constant quality control in every phase. The customer has the commodity of a single reference, who can manage every aspect of production from start to finish; all with great professionalism.

Innovation guided by passion and curiosity is what has allowed us to imagine new products, from the most complex to the most simple, all making daily life easier.

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