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BP FAST 08: HANDLE APPLICATOR Our handle applicator BP Fast 08 is able to apply until 11.000 pcs/h in automatic.

The BP Fast 08 works in electronic cam, so it doesn' t requires mechanical connection. It is equipped with 2 brushless motors, 1 AC motor, a fully programmable PLC Siemens and an hot-melt system of different brands like HHS, Nordson, Meler and Robatech.
The handle applicator has been built with the best materials on the market and has been developed with attention to easy use and durability, considering the needs of the customers.
The machine can be installed on almost any folder/glue machine on the market.


Maximum speed 11,000 units/h *
Loading capacity approximately 600 pieces
Handles sizes from 215 mm x 50 mm to 100mmx50 mm
Voltage 220 V
Air compression 6 bar
Weight 400 kg
Dimension width 80 cm, length da 120 cm a 180 cm, height 160 cm
Folder/glue max speed 110 m/min
Precision +/- 1,5 mm*

* the value is possible under optimal conditions

The handle applicator is done to be positioned on the left side of the folder/glue machine.
The machinery has 4 wheels for easier placement in tight spaces, so it doesn't need any other device for the placement.

After setting the height and position of the machine, proceed to inserting the handle deposit quote on the box. The most accurate adjustments can be performed while the machine is working with two buttons to advance or delay the cam, incrementally +/- 0.5 mm.

The glue adjustment is automatic depending on the handle model that is inserted
in the charger. It is also possible to have an airtight seal on the handle, usually used in detergent boxes.

BP fast 08 is equipped with an alarm system which interrupts the flow in case of any alarm. There is also the possibility to stop, in case of an alarm, the folder/glue feeder.

The machine is equipped with an automatic filter cleaning system.
The guides were specially coated with Teflon for an easy removal of glue residues.
There is a compressed air gun for the daily cleaning.
This machine does not require any special maintenance, except keeping checked the consumables such as belts, suction cups, nozzles.

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